ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

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Thread: ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

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    ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

    For a translator at the high end of the dial (just to the left of the glove box, as we'd say in the 50s) non-directional, would you go for the ERI 100A-1M (rototiller), or the Jampro JLPC-1 (penetrator)? I recognize the price differential between the two-- willing to pay for something decent now, rather than pay someone to climb and fix later. Also open to other suggestions. Thank you!

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    If there is any chance of icing being involved, go with the ERI. If not, then go with the Jampro. In my opinion the Jampro is a slightly better performing antenna, but isn't as broad band. Because of that, the Jampro can't withstand icing conditions as well as the ERI, both mechanically and electrically.

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    I've had good success with the Nicom BK-77. I've replaced a few ERI and Jampro translator antennas due to frequency changes / upgrades with the Nicom and coverage was as expected. The Nicom is broad band, so no tuning - all stainless construction - pretty rugged antenna for the money.


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    I second what RFB suggested. I have 2 translators and one Class A using the BKG 77 and they work great! No deicers or radomes needed. The antennas used for the translators (a two bay and a single bay) are diplexed with two stations on each and the VSWR is fine on all transmitters. You did state this was for a translator so power ratings should not be an issue. Unless you have money to burn, that's the way to go in my book.

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    BKG 77 for translator. ERI for full power.
    96.3 Demopolis AL.
    100.5 Meridian Mississippi.

    92.5 Frisco City/Monroeville

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