ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

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Thread: ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

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    ERI 100A-1M or Jampro JLPC-1?

    For a translator at the high end of the dial (just to the left of the glove box, as we'd say in the 50s) non-directional, would you go for the ERI 100A-1M (rototiller), or the Jampro JLPC-1 (penetrator)? I recognize the price differential between the two-- willing to pay for something decent now, rather than pay someone to climb and fix later. Also open to other suggestions. Thank you!

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    If there is any chance of icing being involved, go with the ERI. If not, then go with the Jampro. In my opinion the Jampro is a slightly better performing antenna, but isn't as broad band. Because of that, the Jampro can't withstand icing conditions as well as the ERI, both mechanically and electrically.

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    I've had good success with the Nicom BK-77. I've replaced a few ERI and Jampro translator antennas due to frequency changes / upgrades with the Nicom and coverage was as expected. The Nicom is broad band, so no tuning - all stainless construction - pretty rugged antenna for the money.


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    I second what RFB suggested. I have 2 translators and one Class A using the BKG 77 and they work great! No deicers or radomes needed. The antennas used for the translators (a two bay and a single bay) are diplexed with two stations on each and the VSWR is fine on all transmitters. You did state this was for a translator so power ratings should not be an issue. Unless you have money to burn, that's the way to go in my book.

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    BKG 77 for translator. ERI for full power.
    96.3 Demopolis AL.
    100.5 Meridian Mississippi.

    92.5 Frisco City/Monroeville

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    The Jampro JLPC-1 is not a (Penetrator). It is of a helix design & stainless steel construction. I use the Jampro JLLP-1 Penetrator opposing vee design & brass construction on all my translators and it works well and will outperform the JLPC-1. Be aware the ERI 100A is not a (Rototiller) but is of the opposing vee design similar to the Jampro. I think the older model ERI 100 was a rototiller design.

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    I believe you might be confusing the JLCP (junk that is aimed at the translator market) and JLPC, which is the low power model of the Penetrator (geared to the HD crowd, but is also used effectively with translators). Common problem-- when I was getting quotes, more often than not, the supplier mixed them up too. I appreciate you-- and everyone else here, weighing in. Thank you!

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