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    Correct. They no longer are affiliated with Nueva Vida. I have said for quite a while that, like Moody in Chicago, EMF should get a new genre since Air1 and K-LOVE cross over in track list a lot. Majesty Radio by Moody is growing as is the talk/preaching genre.
    And Radio Nueva Vida is already heard in the San Diego market, on 1130 AM.

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    I'd like to hear a Christian music format that plays music that's a bit too new for Family Radio(*), and a bit too classic for Air 1 / K-Love. (I remember some time ago I was in Imperial County listening to one of the FM stations there, and heard what I think was some southern Gospel music that sounded like it was from somewhere between the 1960s and 1980s. I don't recall hearing that style on either of the 3 mentioned networks. I wish I could remember the name of the program that was playing.)

    (I don't get 100.1 very well where I live, though.)

    (*) Too new of a style, that is. I have heard a FR-style-friendly version of Here I Am to Worship (by Bonnie Knopf, iirc), which I think came out within the last 10-20 years or so. Don't remember if I've heard Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) on FR, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if there's a version that they might play sometimes.

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