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Could happen...or couldn't. It all depends on the fine print in the agreement the two signed to put 88~Three on the air. It's not a 50/50 proposition, as KNAI has the frequency for 14 1/2 hours a day, which amounts to 60% of the joint venture. Both parties most likely have an option to buy the other party out if so agreed. And how do you value a non-comm like KNAI which has been generating revenue through commercial announcements on non-comm 88~Three? Those bucks now follow the call letters to their new frequencies, leaving nada. And what third party wants to buy 60% of the frequency to share with Family Radio? Unless, of course the two owners agree to sell the whole shebang to another large outfit looking to upgrade their Phoenix cluster. hmmmmm....WWHCD*?

* What would Harold Camping do?
Family Stations has over $120 million for selling the spectrum for WNYJ, so they could use that money to pay for CCF's 88.3 station if they plan to take KPHF 24 hours. Also, keep in mind that Harold Camping died 4 years ago.