The Fantastic Word Game celebrates 11 years
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Thread: The Fantastic Word Game celebrates 11 years

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    The Fantastic Word Game celebrates 11 years

    I realize this is a question forum and this is not a question but hopefully ok to post here.

    The Fantastic Word Game thread in the Games forum here at Radio Discussions celebrates 11 years on December 3rd.

    While it is a much smaller but dedicated core group of contributors than what it once was, we are still here 11 years later through Radio-Info, RadioInfo and Radio Discussions.

    I would personally like to thank the four regulars (dmargalotti, Silkie, scanman and of course myself) and our irregulars (including Kenny and CTListener) for keeping the ship afloat and I'd also like to thank anyone and everyone who has ever dropped by to play the game. We currently number 3,545 pages; 35,448 replies; and 1,295,916 views from all the looky loos.

    We have an ambitious goal to reach 10,000 pages at some point within the next century so, if you've never visited us (or even if you have), please come by. Just remember to begin your contribution with the ending bolded clue from the previous contribution and please bold your new ending clue and please use one sentence and one sentence only.

    Thanks to Frank Berry and the entire staff at Radio Discussions for putting up with us and Happy Anniversary to us!!

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    Our congratulations!

    Frank Berry and the rest of the Streamline family.

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