FCC Chairman Pai on Threats Regarding Net Neutrality
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Thread: FCC Chairman Pai on Threats Regarding Net Neutrality

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    Post FCC Chairman Pai on Threats Regarding Net Neutrality


    Wow now a person has been accused of death threats over the Net Neutrality issue and the FCC Chairman had to issue this response.

    "Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a Syracuse man for allegedly threatening to kill Congressman John Katko and his family if he did not support net neutrality. Specifically, federal prosecutors allege that the man left a voicemail at Congressman Katko's office saying, among other things: '[I]f you don't support net neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill . . . you . . . all. Do you understand? I will literally find all . . . of . . . you and your progeny and just wipe you from the face of the earth.'

    "I condemn in the strongest possible terms any attempts to intimidate government officials with violent threats, and in particular, efforts to target their families. I would also like to express my sympathy to Congressman Katko and his family and thank law enforcement officials for taking this matter seriously."

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    These are just my thoughts and may not be the position of Streamline Publishing.

    I believe that It's a sad state of affairs when our elected officials get threatened and I strongly condemn it.
    It's also a sad state of affairs when our elected (and appointed) officials turn a blind eye to the needs of people and, instead, give preferential status to the big corporations.
    I believe that the internet should remain open and companies should not be able to charge more for high-bandwidth websites. The price increase will surely be passed to you and me ... the end users.

    Okay. Time to get off my soapbox.

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    Ajit Pai's FCC has been a positive one, overall, for the broadcast industry. But they're on the wrong side of the argument regarding Net Neutrality. Still, that's no reason to issue death threats.

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