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So it's a New York/Boston thing, eh? Even the Patriots have it, but no call letters are mentioned -- instead, the frequency and slogan are! "The (sponsor) 98-5 The Sports Hub Patriots Radio Network." When they were on WBCN, it was "the WBCN Patriots ROCK radio network." (which was certainly interesting to hear on their Springfield, Mass., affiliate WAQY -- Rock 102) Either most of the affiliates aren't as offended by this as WTIC is, or the flagships just don't care what they think.
I honestly don't know. The Vikings are just "the Vikings Radio Network" (or during pre-season when the radio is simulcast over the video its "Vikings Entertainment Network") but they have a "bumper" before they come back that says "The Flagship home of the Vikings is KFAN 100.3" which on some affiliates you'll hear (I hear it when I'm at the lake house and listening to it on either KKIN 94.3 Aitkin or KBLB 93.3 Nisswa/Brainerd and also on 1230AM/94.1/105.9 Mankato)

Ironically the call sign is KFXN because the KFAN-FM callsign is used in Texas on a AAA format station....when they were on 1130 doing sports it was KFAN before swapping with 100.3 which was talk. The KFAN AM is on a iheart owned station in Rochester, MN