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Thread: Rip WRXB AM 1590

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    I read recently that NIA (owner of WTMP F/A) bought WRXB. Anyone know if it's back on yet or what they are doing with it?
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    saw it in the trades but never filed at commission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdradioeng View Post
    saw it in the trades but never filed at commission.

    Still nothing on the FCC Website, indicating this is anything other than wishful thinking.......given that WTMP's translator's power and antenna height have been reduced, they could certainly use 1590 to help them be heard in most of St. Petersburg, and the beaches south of Madeira Beach, not to mention if WTMP is bought and the purchase price includes the translator (96.5 FM) if that translator could be moved from Palmetto, that could also be helpful, but that might be tricky now that there are two LPFM's with antennas near downtown at 96.3 and 96.7.

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