Daily News: Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, Maggie Gray replacing Francesca on WFAN
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Thread: Daily News: Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, Maggie Gray replacing Francesca on WFAN

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    Daily News: Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, Maggie Gray replacing Francesca on WFAN

    The Daily News is reporting that Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray will be replacing Mike Francesca on WFAN (101.9/660).


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    Also reported in Newsday and Chris Carlin confirmed on-air on WIP-FM Philadelphia at the start of his afternoon show with Ike Reese.
    Carlin then said his goodbyes to the Philly audience.

    It's possible that Carlin (possibly along with Bart Scott + Maggie Gray) will be part of Mike Francesa's night at the Tilles Center (LIU Post)
    Wednesday November 15 from 7:30 PM to 10 PM commercial-free on WFAN - they could be introduced at that time.

    BTW, the night time special show will repeat (with commercials) from 10 PM to approximately 1 AM Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

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    After my post above...

    On Tue. afternoon 11/14/17 Francesa responded on-air to a caller who brought up the NY Daily News story.
    Mike said that no official announcement had been made yet by management and
    that he would have no comment on the new show hosts before (or after) they are
    announced. He said "It wouldn't be fair to the new hosts for me to comment" on them.

    Thus, it would seem to be unlikely that the new hosts would play any part in the
    special Francesa program of 11/15/17 (unless prompted by management).
    Though Carlin is a part of Francesa's past having produced the Mike + The Mad Dog
    program for 6 1/2 years in the 1990s/2000s.

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    I don't know any of the hosts, but I'm encouraged that the show will go back to having multiple voices. Interaction is what made Mike & The Mad Dog so revolutionary. Carlin understands that, so I expect the show will become more interactive and less about one guy.

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    The official CBS Radio announcement (likely one of the last ever by "CBS Radio") with full biographies included along with
    photos and video from the 11/15/17 WFAN Morning Show with Boomer where the new hosts were introduced:


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