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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    You may define "Rhythmic CHR" as being based on pop-sounding country. What is important is how the industry defines Rhythmic CHR.

    This is the Nielsen BDS Rhythmic Top 40 / CHR panel with owner and market rank:

    WQHT - FM 1 New York Emmis Communications
    KPWR - FM 2 Los Angeles Meruelo Media
    KVVF - FM 4 San Francisco Univision Radio
    WPGC - FM 7 Washington, DC CBS Radio
    WJMN - FM 10 Boston iHeartMedia
    KKFR - FM 14 Phoenix Riviera Broadcast Group
    KZGO - FM 15 Minneapolis/St. Paul Go Media
    KQKS - FM 18 Denver Entercom
    WLLD - FM 19 Tampa/St. Petersburg Beasley Media Group
    KWEE - FM 22 Portland, OR Alpha Media
    KGGI - FM 25 Riverside/San Bernardino iHeartMedia
    KBBT - FM 26 San Antonio Univision Radio
    KHHM - FM 27 Sacramento Entravision
    KSFM - FM 27 Sacramento CBS Radio
    KUUU - FM 29 Salt Lake City Broadway Media
    KVEG - FM 30 Las Vegas Kemp Mesquite Broadcasting
    WPYO - FM 31 Orlando Cox Media Group
    KPEZ - FM 33 Austin iHeartMedia
    WNRG - FM 41 Milwaukee/Racine Saga Communications
    WWKX - FM 44 Providence/Warwick/Pawtucket Cumulus
    KKND - FM 49 New Orleans Cumulus
    KKWD - FM 50 Oklahoma City Cumulus
    WZMX - FM 52 Hartford CBS Radio
    KBFM - FM 56 McAllen/Brownsville iHeartMedia
    WBTT - FM 57 Ft. Myers/Naples iHeartMedia
    Calls Metro Market Owner
    WHZT - FM 59 Greenville/Spartanburg SummitMedia LLC
    KOHT - FM 62 Tucson iHeartMedia
    KDDB - FM 63 Honolulu Ohana Broadcast Company
    KPHW - FM 63 Honolulu SummitMedia LLC
    WDHT - FM 64 Dayton Alpha Media
    WAJZ - FM 66 Albany/Schenectady/Troy Pamal Broadcasting
    KBOS - FM 67 Fresno iHeartMedia
    KSEQ - FM 67 Fresno Lotus Communications
    KKSS - FM 69 Albuquerque American General Media
    WKHT - FM 72 Knoxville E.W. Scripps
    KOPW - FM 74 Omaha/Council Bluffs NRG Media
    WEMX - FM 75 Baton Rouge Cumulus
    KISV - FM 79 Bakersfield American General Media
    KWIN - FM 81 Stockton Cumulus
    KDON - FM 85 Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz iHeartMedia
    WTMG - FM 87 Gainesville/Ocala Marc Radio
    KEZE - FM 93 Spokane Queen B Radio
    KWYD - FM 95 Boise Impact Radio Group
    WHTP - FM 96 Portland, ME Mainestream Media
    KWYL - FM 97 Reno Cumulus
    WJQM - FM 101 Madison Mid-West Family Broadcasting
    WLTO - FM 103 Lexington/Fayette Cumulus
    KDGS - FM 105 Wichita Entercom
    KHXT - FM 110 Lafayette Townsquare Media
    KZFM - FM 111 Corpus Christi Malkan Broadcast Association
    Calls Metro Market Owner
    KHTN - FM 117 Modesto Mapleton Communications
    KCAQ - FM 120 Oxnard/Ventura Gold Coast Radio
    KVYB - FM 120 Oxnard/Ventura Cumulus
    WRCL - FM 138 Flint Townsquare Media
    WYRB - FM 160 Rockford Crawford Broadcasting

    Note that these are not "urban" stations and they do play lots of material that does not make the Urban charts.

    A good comparison is KRRL in LA, which is classified as Urban and KPWR in that market, which is a Rhythmic CHR. Both get over 60% of their listening is from Hispanics and less than 20% is from African Americans... the difference is in the music as a whole.
    I listen to two of the station on that list, WPGC 95.5 and 105.5 The Beat in Ft. Myers. I enjoy listening to 105.5 The Beat on iHeartRadio since they do a mini-mix the last 30 minutes of their morning show, as well as throwback mini-mix at noon.

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    You can take KVVF off that list. They shifted to Top 40/CHR, leaving the Bay Area with no Rhythmic Top 40s.

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    No, they're still a rhythmic per Mediabase and still play some songs by Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomgsinger View Post
    No, they're still a rhythmic per Mediabase and still play some songs by Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, etc.
    Mediabase isn't always accurate, Tom. They tend to not update format descriptions for a bit, sometimes even years.

    Also, those songs are left in because they're still current. Once they hit recurrent status, they'll more than likely be dropped.

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    In the last few years, a number of the nation's big Rhythmic Top 40 stations moved to mainstream Top 40, including WBBM-FM Chicago, WYLD San Francisco and Z90 (XHITZ) San Diego. I guess WPOW figured it would follow the trend to an extent. So in what is a fairly rhythmic playlist, you find an occasional Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift song. In fact, here is the last hour (Monday 4pm 11/27)

    Taylor Swift--Ready For It?
    Halsey - Now Or Never
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Sofi Tucker/Nervo/Alisa Ueno - Best Friend
    Tory Lanez - LUV--I Told You
    Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
    Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
    Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry
    NF - Let You Down
    Charlie Puth - Attention
    Post Malone - Rockstar
    Maroon 5 - One More Night
    Logic feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid - 1-800-273-8255
    Maluma - Felices Los 4
    ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever [Cosmic Dawn Remix]
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Eminem - Without Me

    I'm no expert but that still seems like a fairly rhythmic playlist, although with some conventional Top 40 mixed in. I guess WPOW feels it has the confidence of the English-speaking young Latino adults of Miami that playing Maroon 5 isn't going to cause them to switch the dial. I suppose that was the decision made by WBBM-FM, KYLD, Z90, etc.

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    I just saw that Dua Lipa--New Rules got played twice in less than an hour. 3:31 and 4:27. That's a fast rotation! Also Taylor Swift is heard twice in this time with two songs, once as the lead artist and once as a featured artist.

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    Perhaps 939 MIA will tinker with their music/playlist in the evening as Lulu and Lala start broadcasting from 1035 KTU on December 4, 2017.

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    Pardon my ignorance but Rhythmic CHR is basically up-tempo Top-40 with some mainstream hip-hop blended in, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strangelove View Post
    Pardon my ignorance but Rhythmic CHR is basically up-tempo Top-40 with some mainstream hip-hop blended in, correct?
    Basically, yes. And largely targeted towards Hispanics and Caucasians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksradiogeek View Post
    Basically, yes. And largely targeted towards Hispanics and Caucasians.
    Which is why Miami would be (and has traditionally been) a good Rhythmic market with WPOW. Almost every other Florida Market has an RCHR: WPYO, WLLD, WBTT, WTMG, WMBX-F2, WHOG-F2 except the most Hispanic one, Miami.

    Currently WPOW is third in the Miami CHR race, and they only flipped when CBS got CHR happy and tweaked it's existing Rhythms to CHR (With the exception of WPGC, WZMX, KSFM). I don't know if Latino's in Miami are getting their Hip Hop fix from the two Urbans. Would love Mr. Eduardo's expertise on what the Hispanic/Caucasian listening on WEDR, and WMIB is. I would imagine a Latin friendly Rhythmic WPOW is what Miami is missing (or a Throwback Hip Hop station).

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