TV deja vu in Puerto Rico
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Thread: TV deja vu in Puerto Rico

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    TV deja vu in Puerto Rico

    Remember WBNB? The CBS station in USVI, was shut down after Hurricane Hugo took the station down permanently in 1989.

    This time, the same thing happened in Puerto Rico, but instead of a CBS affiliate (I don't know if there is even a CBS in Puerto Rico at all), it affected the only PBS member station in the island. WMTJ, also known as Sistema TV shut down as a result of Hurricane Maria. Unfortunately, this will leave Puerto Rico without a PBS station at all. That is, unless WIPR wants to make itself a PBS station again after dropping it in 2011.

    In other words, Sistema TV took the same fate as WBNB, 28 years ago.

    Edit: Whoops. There's already a thread in the Puerto Rico TV forum that is just like this, so could you please remove this thread?
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    Well if WIPR gets less ratings from its current programming then they will have no choice but to rejoin PBS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVCOOL View Post
    Well if WIPR gets less ratings from its current programming then they will have no choice but to rejoin PBS.
    The public TV stations in PR are not driven by ratings, but, instead, by government budget actions.

    In any case, WIPR was making limited use of PBS material, as WIPR principally runs programming in Spanish. The size of audiences available for any kind of English programming, commercial or non-commercial, is minimal. With the ongoing migration of the Puerto Rican middle class (where bilingualism is more prevalent) to the mainland further reduces the potential for PBS and all English services.
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