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Thread: Who will record the last 24 hours of the sounds existence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChannelFlipper View Post
    Or maybe they could play a day or two's worth of nothing but Tom Petty on the way out. Both American rockers of similar stature, but the Tom Petty angle would make it more relevant in a timely sort of way.
    In my opinion, I would consider a station playing songs by only one artist as a stunt format leading to that station launching its new format, and not for closing out a station's previous format.

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    From one old-timer to another, I remember the last hours of Super CFL.

    Quote Originally Posted by WorldFamous View Post
    You're young so I'll cut you some slack. No doubt, my reply hearkened back to a time long before you -- or perhaps even your parents -- were born. As I prefaced (attempting to play off the religious future of "the Sound"), "whoever has ears to hear" -- in other words, those who might understand and remember the historic radio format change I was referring to. In 1976, legendary Top 40 radio station WCFL Chicago switched to beautiful music. In the weeks before, WCFL aired ads for former competitors wanting to pick up the abandoned Top 40 audience WCFL was leaving behind. I believe it was WCFL midday person Bob Dearborn who called those radio stations "vultures". The final 15 minutes of the sign-off was hosted by the late Larry Lujack, who had promoted the idea that he would announce his choice for which "vulture" radio station WCFL listeners should tune to. His announced choice was KHJ Los Angeles. Followed by a mock plea for Top 40 listeners to remain as new beautiful music listeners. He then played a clip of the Ronstadt song I mentioned before playing a 'CFL specific version of Reunion's "Life is a Rock". Perhaps the board is too L.A. centric to know the story, or as in your case, too young. Either way, it clearly fell on deaf ears. Sorry for the diversion.

    In case anyone is interested, audio of the Top 40 WCFL sign-off is at https://youtu.be/c_PEjXMp54M "Get your clothes off and get in the tub"!

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    Starting monday October 23rd at 6am A To Z on 100.3 and let see it gets before EMF Pulls the plug

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjc1961 View Post
    Link to LAIST article posted by The Sound to their own Facebook page: http://laist.com/2017/09/28/1003_the_sound.php

    Sound Program Director Dave Beasing says that since they'll have at least 30 days (and up to 45 days maximum) to say goodbye (as David E posted earlier),
    special programming could be in the offing, such as A to Z, Roll The Dice, guest DJ appearances (such as Mark Thompson, for example).

    Since the transaction's announcement was made on Tue. Sept. 26, that would make for
    The Sound's sign-off date being somewhere between Thu. Oct. 26 and Fri. Nov. 10, 2017.
    Quote Originally Posted by pjc1961 View Post
    Some more information and detail is included in this InsideRadio article where PD Dave Beasing lays out the calendar of events
    lined up for The Sound's swan song over the next few weeks:

    Even more specific info on The Sound's schedule of events plus station and DJ contact info:


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