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Thread: Who will record the last 24 hours of the sounds existence?

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    Wow! That’s a lot of “goodbye” tracks! I’m more surprised to see Johnny Paycheck show up. Now that’s what I call a “diss!”

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    From FormatChange.com, a scoped aircheck that runs 11:47 - includes song snippets, includes talk breaks, eliminates commercials.
    It covers the time frame of 11:17 AM to 1:00 PM on Thu. 11/15/2017:


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    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    Van Dyke was just hired this month to become the new imaging voice of Educational Media Foundation's "K-Love" contemporary Christian music network.
    I opine - Darn. He's good. My fantasy would be to see 100.3 become devoid of any and all listeners and the station then desperately sold to local ownership. However Van Dyke's hiring, and EMF's overall slick approach to radio, makes that fable even more unlikely to happen.
    Dang I didn't think Van Dyke is the voice of K-Love Radio. The last time I heard Van Dyke doing radio ID's was for K-Earth 101 under CBS Radio's ownership. I tend to think of Van Dyke as the person doing promos for Disney/ABC Owned stations specifically KABC7/WABC7 most notably in recent years.

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    I noticed in the format change tape that EMF is referring to the LA station as "Positive, Encouraging 100.3," steering away from their usual "Positive, Encouraging K-Love" branding they use in other markets. They do call themselves the "K-Love for Christian Music."

    I'm thinking that KKLQ will not use the 100.3 K-Love branding in Los Angeles and is only adding the "K-Love for Christian Music" branding to make this clarification in case the station is referred to as K-Love in the national feed.

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