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    Quote Originally Posted by VoiceofWayne View Post
    I can't believe that CCF didn't investigate all the issues around KVGG before making an offer, but the posts here about KVGG would make me hesitant to want to get in the middle of what looks like a long legal expensive mess. These issues could still take years to resolve, and ultimately prevent KAHM becoming a Phoenix rimshot, which is why I would assume CCF would want it in the first place.
    KAHM's sales price is based solely upon becoming a rimshot. The Nurse and I have reason to believe both the Buyer and Seller are willing to let this play out a little longer. CCF bought a commercial AM & translator in the Valley, and appears to be doing pretty well. So what's the rush?

    I would not want to get involved in a forced marriage with Kemp, this whole thing seems very strange. Maybe CCF can buy out Kemp's interest in KVGG and make the whole thing go away.
    He put far too much into getting the license for KVGG to be a reasonable seller. He's also aware that in spite of CCF being non-profit, they have deep pockets.

    In my fantasy world as a financially independent owner, I would try to buy KVGG from Kemp, move KAHM south, put smooth jazz on the main channel and BM on an HD2 with a translator (and probably not make much money).
    In our fantasy world, Nurse Jeff and I would put our Gremlin in the elevator of the Wells Fargo Tower in Vegas and send it to Kemp's 17th floor office. Bet he'd come to the bargaining table real fast!
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    Hiring us is a no brainer. In fact, it's a double no brainer!

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