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I'm looking forward with cautious optimism, it will be interesting if some of the stuff I have been told will unfold and people can move forward.
As someone who no longer works in radio, the end of this merger and closing of deals will be interesting, though I remember waking up one morning in 2004, checking Radio and Records and finding out my stations had been sold to Cumulus. It was also my mother’s birthday. It was rather odd to be calling her and wishing her happy birthday, and, “Oh, by the way, my stations just got sold, and I don’t know if I'll still have a job when I go in this afternoon!”

Entercom is a pretty good company, but it will almost definitely cut a lot of positions, especially in management. CBS has tended to see multiple managers and locations in a market as features. Entercom tends to see those things as bugs. Entercom also tends to scrutinize budgets and promotions a lot more carefully. Despite Entercom being one of the better operators, one person I talked to who works at one of the stations being offloaded was looking forward to working for another operator, even not knowing who that operator would be. Sometimes, change for the sake of change is good, though probably not many CBS employees are thinking that way right now.