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Thread: New York TV News crews in Puerto Rico to cover Hurricane Maria

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    There has not been a dam break of the Guajataca dam... yet. What has occurred is severe erosion around a relief spillway in similar fashion to the emergency at the Oroville, CA, reservoir during the heavy winter 2016-2017 rains. Lots of water is going over the spillway, and has eroded the little creek bed it flowed into.

    There is still a threat of a full break in the earthen dam, but some news media decided that the spillway damage was the same as a dam break. Because nearly all communication is down, exaggerated stories coming off the Island are all over the Internet. And that just makes a bad situation worse.

    Complicating this is the fact that the media with reporters on the ground generally have them stationed at the luxury San Juan hotels where there are generators, so they have no idea what is going on outside the tourist zone. I was dismayed and, to an extent, amused by a major network reporter positioned outside a very low income housing project which he called a "condominium community". Beware of fake news which is a product of ignorance.

    Update NBC news is saying its a fear of a Dam Failure in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTBoardOp94 View Post
    Thanks for that roundup David.
    Yeah, only just reading this. Just seen in the BBC how bad this actually is. We often forget, when moaning about the weather here, how lucky we are.

    Are the US Virgin Islands also badly hit, or have they escaped the worst?

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    The disaster in Puerto Rico is a perfect example why listeners should invest in crank-up radios. In addition to AC, battery, and solar, these radios have a small generator which allows operation for 30 minutes or so on a wind up.
    They're available on Ebay at a variety of prices.
    This would be a good promotion for a radio station when things get back to normal.

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