I work at a store that uses the BC130, I have never used one or have seen one before. I realize it does not have any screen or real way to easily program it. If you look up the manual: http://bearcom.com/wp-content/uploads/bc1301.pdf which is only one page long, it only shows the frequency range, not really how to use it. I would like to know how or know what channel the radio is on by looking at it. My CL1410 on the other hand is a lot better at programming and easier to use it would appear. So, the main question, does anyone know if I can get my CLS1410 or my CLS1110 to program to the frequency that my store uses possibly? They both operate in the same range of UHF so I couldn't see why not. But does anyone know how I would even approach this issue?

P.S. the main reason I want my CLS is because not only is it my own, but it has a headset unlike the rest of the store, so it would be easier to use and I would never have to make sure it get put back to any certain department.

Thank you in advance!