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I went through four in Florida, all accompanied by intense lightning. You don't see it very well because of the blinding rain, and you don't hear much thunder because hurricanes are very noisy. Of course I went through Harvey in Houston - and there were some intense thunderstorms with plenty of lightning. It just happened in the middle of the night for the most part.
There was lightning and tornadoes the day before the rains came. Here's KHOU's coverage at 10 PM from the night before they were flooded out. I watched this scene live with Chief Meteorologist David Paul talking about the lightning strikes in this rain band on my living room big screen TV that night: https://youtu.be/naAdjGRm58U?t=38m Good thing this was a rain event, unlike Ike's winds, so I was able to watch TV this time around!

8 hours later, chief anchor Len Cannon would be squatting on the studio floor pointing at the rising waters of Buffalo Bayou in that nationally infamous viral clip.