One R1 property goes HD
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Thread: One R1 property goes HD

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    One R1 property goes HD

    Not that anyone cares about HD lol, but WPPZ 107.9 is now in HD, no subs. Did not know R1 did HD.

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    Yes, they turned on the HD on September 1st. That can only mean ONE thing. A format change is eminent. The same thing happened back in 2015 before they switched from Hot 107.9 to Boom 107.9. They did in fact turn on their HD a few months before they changed formats and they turned it off a few months before they switched places with Praise 103.9. Its surely not a coincidence. R1 is planning on doing something with the 107.9 signal. The ratings has been decreasing ever since they switched. Since Real 106.1 has become a competitor, they could end up going back to throwback hip-hop on 107.9, while keeping their 103.9 format with current hip-hop. That's just a guess, but its pretty assuring based on the competition they are dealing with now.
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    ...or they'll just simply flip-flop frequencies and keep the formats they have now. That would make more sense.

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    How many times are they gonna swap frequencies? Turning on HD for a Gospel station seems truly pointless...but I don't see why they'd blow the station up. While not sizable, I would think that Gospel has a uniquely loyal audience. Plus, it's the only format they're running here that doesn't have much in the way of direct competition.

    Seems like WPHI is what people tune to when WUSL goes into commercials. And WRNB, arguably their best performer, now has WISX to contend with. I know that station performance is based on revenue and not strictly tied to ratings but I do wish I had access to the demos!

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