Hey everyone,
I am a volunteer programmer for a small non-commercial internet radio service that offers itís programming to non-commercial radio stations nationwide. While I am on non-com radio, I would like my offerings to sound as commercial as possible, including imaging, as well as other commercial radio element. Iím looking for an imaging company (preferably with a choice in voices) that provides imaging for non-comercial radio stations (especially LPFMs) and individuals on the radio, and at a low cost. I do this show as a volunteer, and make no money whatsoever from my radio show, as the station manager claims he canít let me sell commercials on the service. I have a very limited income (a SSI check) and canít afford the huge licensing costs most imaging firms charge. If anyone reading this does imaging, or can recommend a company that could help me, please email me at radioserenamail@gmail.com. Thank you.