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Thread: The Economics of streaming

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    Post The Economics of streaming

    It's such a low cost, it's almost overlooked," said Nick Barber, an analyst with technology research and advisory firm Forrester.
    But they add up quickly. $10 for Netflix, $10 for Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) Prime, $12 for Hulu, $7 for CBS, and however much Disney or ESPN's service will cost ... it could one day cost consumers more to get the content that they want than by buying cable.
    Media analysts don't expect people to empty their wallets for more than a few subscription services, though.
    Yes thats true but also others subscribe to Hulu TV, YOutube Red/TV, Filmon, and Directv Now these subscriptions add up though plus data used from internet carriers and call providers are at play here.

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    I suppose the thing they might be missing is that with the individual options they can cheery pick their choices. Looking at cable options at two places I have resided in the past couple of years, it is pretty much all or nothing. You either pay to get all the non-premium channels or opt for only the over the air channels. There is no cherry picking. With the internet option, you have choices and it is not an all or nothing.

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    It's also more complicated. For most folks, getting everything on one box is just plain simple.

    A friend of mine has Verizon Fios, which is fiber delivery. They actually have a set-top box to be similar to cable.

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