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I could see 100.3 flipping to All Sports if it were to wind up in Cumulus' hands. Would complement KLOS from a sales standpoint.

If someone else gets 100.3, perhaps Urban AC would be a good way to go? 92.3's flip to Urban Contemporary has left a hole that has not been completely filled.

A rhythmic throwback station similar to San Francisco's Q102 is another possibility, I would think.

Finally, a softer AC akin to 98.1 the Breeze certainly should not be ruled out.

Of course, if someone other than Cumulus were to scoop up 100.3, they might simply choose to keep the current format in place.
100.3 was Urban AC before it switched to become The Sound. V100 was the name of the station. I do not see this as a viable format given that there are already enough stations in town to satisfy the demand. And if you remember, at the time of the switch The Sound was more of a AAA station than its current traditional classic rock format. in another words, even back then Urban AC lost out to a format that had been tried several times before in this market and never succeeded.