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Thread: Orioles on D.C. radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by vacuum tube View Post
    FYI, WBAL is not the flagship station and does not broadcast the Orioles games. They are on 105.7 WJZ-FM in Baltimore.
    Didn't know about the change. Here's the chronology from Wikipedia:

    WBAL carried Orioles games every season from 1987 to 2006 (after which the team's games were broadcast on crosstown rival WJZ-FM "105.7 The Fan"), and resumed that status from 2011 to 2014 before the team returned to WJZ-FM in 2015. Ravens games have been broadcast on WBAL and WIYY since the 2006 season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTListener View Post
    The Dodgers' top farm club is in Oklahoma City, which probably explains their presence on OKC radio. Their Class AA team, oddly enough, is also in Oklahoma -- Tulsa. I don't suppose there's a Dodgers affiliate there, though. I wonder how many other major league teams have radio outposts in cities that host their minor league teams. A Twins affiliate in Rochester? A Mets affiliate in Las Vegas? A White Sox affiliate in Charlotte?
    I think it's more common for a team to have an out-of-region affiliate in the hometown of a star player. When Harmon Killebrew was on the Minnesota Twins, his old friends and neighbors could listen to games on KYET in Payette, Idaho, a station that is apparently now defunct. The Phillies' network reached Keyser WV when John Kruk was on the team. A few years ago the Angels' network stretched all the way to WSNJ Bridgeton NJ, in Mike Trout's native area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepstblu View Post
    I think it's more common for a team to have an out-of-region affiliate in the hometown of a star player.
    However, in the case of Washington DC, the reason the Orioles are viewed as a home team is because for about 30 years (1972-2005), the city didn't have a baseball team. After the Senators left DC for the second time (the first was to Minnesota, the second for Dallas), the closest team was Baltimore. So the Orioles became a home team for the much-larger District of Columbia. Finally after many years of petitioning, and after many challenges and battles with the Orioles ownership, DC finally got it's own baseball team. But there are still a ton of people who grew up with no other team to root for other than the Orioles.

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    For a period of time, the Nats had an affiliate in Vegas (Bryce Harper's hometown).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan O'Dan View Post
    Red Sox: Albuquerque and Jackson, WY
    Is that the Wyoming affiliation that was initiated when Curt Gowdy was doing play-by-play for the Sox, in the '60s? Or is there some other, more logical, reason that the team, long after the end of Gowdy's employment (and his life), still has a radio presence in Wyoming? And what's the deal with Albuquerque?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan O'Dan View Post
    Doing some digging, I have found a few MLB teams with affiliates outside their typical home area.
    NY Yankees : Honolulu and Tampa for their Spring Training home and Single A affiliate.
    Cubs: Omaha, Las Vegas and Vermillion, SD
    Red Sox: Albuquerque and Jackson, WY
    Angels: Salt Lake City (AAA Affiliate)
    Dodgers: Gallup, NM, OKC, Albuquerque.
    For many years the Pittsburgh Pirates maintained a radio affiliate in
    Bradenton, Florida, where the team holds spring training, and where many
    Pittsburgh expats have settled as a result.

    No Bradenton affiliate currently listed on their website though.

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