Change is apparently good, at least in the short term and even if your station isn't the one experiencing the change. The changes amongst some urban formatted stations apparently led to an uptick in ratings at WMXD reflected in a decent jump in cume and landing atop the ratings for the first time in recent memory.

The Hoedown and a more popular Country Music product led to WYCD landing in the #2 spot with WOMC and WNIC close behind. Apparently, Detroiters want music, and lots of it this summer. The usual ratings leader this time of year, WXYT, is suffering mightily with the lackluster performance of the Tigers. They are in 5th. WWJ had a drop, but still is posting good ratings for summer in 6th. WCSX, WRIF, WKQI and WJR, respectively, round out the Top 10.

AMP saw a very large drop in cume. Perhaps that audience went to WOMC. Radio One, which underwent some changes last month, saw drops at both of their stations with WMXD the obvious beneficiary. WMGC, almost a full year out since dropping sports for classic hip hop is hanging in there with a 3.8 rating and 12th place.