Chicago's Spring Radio Ratings
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Thread: Chicago's Spring Radio Ratings

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    Chicago's Spring Radio Ratings

    Here is the Spring ratings released July 12,2017.

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    Congrats to Rick O'Dell and the folks at MeTV FM 87.7 on their ratings beating out WLS FM, WJMK, WSHE and WLIT.

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    Cue the comments about them not doing well in the "money demos". I'm certainly not disputing that, but the MeTV suits must be pleased with the station's performance, otherwise they wouldn't be talking about expansion. They had to know going in that their audience would be old, and for a station on 87.7 to attract any sizable audience seems like an achievement to me.

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    While they continue to get ignored when big agency buys go down, they seem to have found a comfort zone for making a living with a mix of local retail, travel, insurance, car dealers, medical, entertainment, etc..... Just to name a few. And the stations they're beating certainly have more overhead than MeTV-FM.
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