Microsoft to use unsued TV channels for internet service

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Thread: Microsoft to use unsued TV channels for internet service

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    Microsoft to use unsued TV channels for internet service

    Article mentions about expanding Wifi service signals to rural areas.

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    The service was authorized several years ago. Too bad for Microsoft that there won't be too many channels available after repacking, even in rural areas.
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    There's plenty of TV white spaces in rural areas if you understand how 802.22 operates. It utilizes unused spectrum in a limited area for either wireless backhaul to service shorter-range services like cellular, or develop a Wireless Regional Area Network that would supply bandwidth to residences in far-flung locations. The cognitive radio technology built into the system would prevent use of frequencies that would interfere with TV broadcasts.

    If you scan across a TV tuner in most rural regions, you won't find much TV service, especially since the conversion to HD. That bandwidth is simply going unused, and 802.22, or TV Whitespaces Networking, uses that bandwidth. I hope that Microsoft does take the lead on this and get service out to those people who are ignored by telcos and cable providers simply because the cost of running fiber to or near them is not profitable. Telcos in particular are allowed to make significant profits in area with high population density in order offset the costs of providing vital services to rural areas. They love sucking the profits. They're less enthused about spending some of them to provide service to rural areas.

    This site will give you a better understanding of how 802.22 works.
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