The end of Mike & Mike
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    The end of Mike & Mike

    With ESPN breaking up the longtime partners of Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, with Mike Golic staying on morning radio, with Trey Wings and his son Mike Golic Jr, and with Mike Greenberg will be starting a new sports show just on ESPN. The new radio show is debuting sometime in the fall, with no yet announcement of when Mike & Mike's last show together will be. Possible it could be the Friday before Labor Day, it could be sometime in August. All we know whenever that happens Mike Greenberg will have have a few months or so of break, in which his new tv show debuts on New Years Day of 2018. And will the new radio show also air on tv as well as Mike & Mike has? I will imagine that Sports Center will be moving to ESPN 2, as I can't see ESPN canceling their flagship sports program. And for Mike & Mike fans, are you looking at what will you be repacking the show with, will you give the new show a try? And I don't think that there is much like Mike & Mike that airs nation wide or at least in the major markets.

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    I am certain that Mike & Jr. & Trey will air on one of ESPN's TV channels. It won't be on the main ESPN channel, so that means ESPN2, ESPNEWS or ESPNU.

    I have given up on both ESPN and FS1 for interesting sports talk. I might sample the new show, but I do not expect to be impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by staggmovie View Post
    I don't think that there is much like Mike & Mike that airs nation wide or at least in the major markets.
    You said it all with that. This won't change anything and I won't be one bit surprised if they keep calling it Mike & Mike. In so many markets the show has no competition at all, in others a weak FSR offering (FSR owns mornings on the west coast with Dan Patrick) and in the large markets it serves as a cheap alternative to the local sports shows.

    If you like Mike & Mike you might miss Mike a little, but you would continue to listen cause nothing else like it is on.

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    Thank You the article answered all my questions even if it was going to be still shown on tv, so assuming in January when Mike Greenberg starts his new show, Sports Center will move to ESPN 2, and the tv broadcast will move to ESPNU so they won't have to memorize what station they will be on, say when there are overseas sports tournaments are being shown.

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