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Thread: Real 106.1 pitching up? (I hate that.)

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    Were they perhaps airing a remote broadcast with a live DJ spinning? I'm not a regular radio listener these days either so I don't know whether anyone in town is still doing such things. But if so, it's completely feasible for a live DJ to pitch up a song. Otherwise, I would be extremely surprised if WOGL messed with any of the songs in their library. I wouldn't be quite as surprised if WDAS-FM was doing it since they are part of the infamous iHeart family.
    WOGL was airing a live broadcast, but I don't remember them ever pitching up anything before. As for WDAS-FM, surprisingly, they weren't airing a live remote or live mixing from the studio, just playing songs, which irked me as they played about 4-5 rap songs between 11:30 pm and Midnight, even though they advertise that they have an all rap show from 6-8 pm.

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    First, at the vast majority of stations, meaning those that were not union shops, the jocks spun their own 45's. While there were some stations that had "engineers" or board ops, it was not common.

    It was not easy or, as far as I know, even technically possible to mill a turntable drive shaft with the degree of precision needed to avoid a lot of flutter. The solution was to vary the frequency of the AC going to the motor itself. The most widely used system was sold by a little firm out of West Texas that had a cheap box that was easy to install.

    The fastest speed up I ever witnessed was KIRL in St Charles (St Louis) that was up between 4 and 5 percent. It was very noticeable. And ugly.
    Now that makes a lot more sense than the tale I was told. Thanks for clearing up the bit of misinformation.

    I feel so gullible for having believed it. I knew the 10% thing was a bit much, but I hadn't thought of the machining that had to go into actually shaving the spindle.

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