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Thread: Changes at CBS Radio-Entercom San Diego

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    On KSON's website they've given an actual time: Thu. 11/16/2017 at 9:30 PM.
    But on-air they are saying the switch will occur at 9 PM PT / Midnight ET.
    Likely the soonest they could do this - but can't legally announce the change until the merger happens officially.

    Edit: Just announced on-air: "We're going to 103.7!"

    Now whether that is for the actual move -or- just an announcement of where they are headed, we'll see...

    Also, keep ears on KSOQ 92.1 - I would assume that the flip to Air1 is soon upon us.

    Meanwhile, over at Energy 103.7, Moving Day is currently scheduled for Monday 11/20/2017.
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    Over at Energy 103.7 (KEGY), the 9 PM ID said "KSON San Diego 97.3 - Energy 97~3"

    Over at KSON 97.3, the 9 PM ID said "KEGY San Diego's #1 for New Country 103~7 KSON"

    The actual switch occurred at about 9:04:20 PM PT with the country format appearing on 103.7 with a second TOH ID played.

    The actual call letter switch may not actually be in place yet - the reason for the "conflicting" IDs.

    The CHR format is off-air as I post - the Country format is on both 97.3 + 103.7.
    The CHR format *is* continuing on the "Energy" webstream.
    After hearing a DJ break on the stream, it appears that they will be the only place to hear "Energy 97.3" through the weekend -
    only through the stream, website, apps and social media is "Energy 97.3" continuing the CHR format and
    communicating with its audience that it will appear on 97.3 on Monday morning 11/20/2017.

    The priority seems to be to promote the country format switch over the CHR switch with country being simulcast on 97.3 + 103.7 until 11/20/17.

    The Air1 format is indeed on 92.1 - I didn't tune over until about 9:15 PM, but I assume that the changeover occurred at approximately 9:00-9:05 PM PT.
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    KSOQ changed early in the day. At 1:30 this afternoon I already heard Christian Contemporary Music and the full format (Air 1?) in place. already shows San Diego's Energy 97.3FM

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