Breaking: Brian Wison out at WMAL
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Thread: Breaking: Brian Wison out at WMAL

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    Breaking: Brian Wison out at WMAL

    DCRTV.COM is reporting that Brian Wilson is out at WMAL. DCRTV does not know if he quit or was fired.

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    From what I see it looks like he was fired, as I read this

    Brian Wilson Gone From WMAL - 5/19 - Breaking news late Friday: DCRTV hears that morning host Brian Wilson has been given the boot from Cumulus news talker WMAL after six years. Wilson is a former Fox News and Channel 5/WTTG reporter. More as we hear it.....

    This would have been written by whoever did the article, and I wouldn't think that anybody that was given the boot, would have quit on their own. Which might be bad news for somebody that shares the same name as a member of the Beach Boys. Who come on, I couldn't resist saying that. I don't think you can say that somebody that quit on their own was given the boot, that would be at least strange to say.

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    I thought something was up last month when they did the entire show on a Monday with no mention of Brian's name.

    Wonder if this has anything to do with pairing him with a permanent co-host who wasn't a good match.

    And why isn't Mary Walter there this morning?

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    Here's a quote from Brian via Tom Taylor:

    Brian Wilson jokes that “I’m going to pursue my lifelong desire to be a Walmart greeter” – but that’s likely not this radio pro’s next chapter.

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    From All Access:

    Apparently he tweeted on Friday that it was his last day.

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    I note that WABC gave their midday host Ron Kuby his marching orders last week too... Pretty much the same way.
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