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Thread: It's sad that New York radio cannot honor the dead superstars in rock.

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    But -- with the size of the actual GenX demographic being smaller than the Boomers or Millennials, does that figure in to this subject? I mean, the local classic rock station that seems to cater more to GenXers than Boomers is lower in the ratings than the one that caters more to Boomers. Would the size of the GenX demo have anything to do with that difference? Or is it just because rock appeals more to men.
    Radio stations don't cater to arbitrary generation labels. They appeal to sales demographics such as 18-34, 25-44, 18-49. Many formats appeal to segments of two of those generational labels, in fact.
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    I've had two bankers that I've pitched our station, and both were avid satellite listeners hence my statement.
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    Same thing with Chester, sad, very sad town for certain brands of music and musicians...

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