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Thread: Joe Raineri, Revolution Radio 93.5 and West Palm Beach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poor Radio Dude View Post
    Look at that Bud logo
    It would have been a lot easier if you had provided a link.
    Link A
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsRoly4266 View Post
    The Keys and WPB full-power, Dade and Broward translators are all on 93.5 FM and just synchronize it with one another so that you don't know if its coming from one of the translators or one of the full-power stations since 93.5 comes from the Keys all the way to the Palm Beaches.
    The translators must be fed with a HD or analog signal within the 60DB or have permission to transmit from the primary station. The Keys station does not qualify. WBGF might be a option under certain circumstances. At the time, the HD leasing is the only option.
    96.3 Demopolis AL.
    100.5 Meridian Mississippi.

    92.5 Frisco City/Monroeville

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