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    April 2017 Ratings

    WWJ remains on top, even with the Tigers starting! WXYT moves into 2nd, most likely because of the Tigers. WYCD is in 3rd. A long time since they've been in the Top 5. WOMC and WNIC round out the Top 5. WJR had a significant drop from 5.6 to 4.7 in cume and is in 8th. WRIF and WCSX also saw a drop. Unlikely that their listeners would go to WYCD, so perhaps they went to WXYT. WMGC saw another slight gain in cume from 4.1 to 4.3. NASH lost a half point in cume. Has WYCD been doing significant promotions or something? I haven't seen a lot of billboards or TV ads. A weak overall book for iHeart Detroit. WDTW was their lowest rated at 2.7. A good book for CBS Radio Detroit as they have the top four slots and WYCD is pulling something close to the numbers it had when it was the only Country station in the market.


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    Quote Originally Posted by umfan View Post
    Has WYCD been doing significant promotions or something?
    Several things. First of all, country as a format is up nationally since the beginning of the year. But in particular with WYCD, they had the ACM Awards in April, where they won for personality. They broadcast live from the site for several days, tying in with CBS TV. But the third thing, and this is significant, is the sudden death of their very popular afternoon DJ Linda Lee. Huge outpouring of love and sympathy for her.
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    All of that makes sense. Not being a regular listener to the station, I wasn't aware of the ACM tie in. The sad news about Linda Lee does figure.


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