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    There is a limit to how much an FM can over-modulate before the bandwidth exceeds that of the average radio and starts producing "goose farts" on receivers. In my experience in a country where modulations was not monitored by the government, the limit is between 125% and 130%. That still only causes some splatter onto the two adjacent channels, not up and down the band. What you are hearing sounds like a different issue than modulation.
    I've been trying hard to learn technical terminology. Glad to add "goose farts" to my engineering vocabulary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by acheron1982 View Post
    Wonder if that is because of over modulation vs just the power of the station. I ask only because in my hometown of Vidalia, the local 3KW station bleeds over everything around town including today. It's illegal as hell I would assume but they don't do anything because the radio station is small community station in a small town in the middle of no where.

    I think 106.7 is one of the best positioned signals in the city covering both Atlanta and Athens. Perfect signal for an attempt at some form of modern rock should Iheart kill radio 105.7
    Why would one do that? Athens businesses generally can not pay Atlanta Rates. 105.7 being the only on the air ALT station in Atlanta is sliding down to a 2.0 (6+). 106.7 is at 1.9 (6+) last published period. I know the demos are different but there other more lucrative program holes in this market rather than to try to take down a station that isn't even the top 15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acheron1982 View Post
    I use to pick up a Top 40 station called 95SX in Charleston back in the 90s and 2ks down in Vidalia Ga all the time. Came in nearly every single night and sometimes during the day.

    Would also get 92.9 (or was it 92.5) which was a country station located near the "South of the Border" on the NC/SC border.

    I mentioned above though - The Raleigh stations stand out because I use to pull them on a regular basis down to Florence and sometimes as far south as the Santee SC area. Main stations I would pull would be WRDU 100.7, WQDR 94.7 and WRAL 101.5.

    You picking up 97.1 The River is no surprise. 97.1 is 80% clear as far west as Bremen/Carrollton regardless of the day and that is about 70 or so air miles away. Most 100K watt stations at 1100 ft (avg) go about 60 air miles in these parts.

    106.7 is another impressive signal and I have to wonder if technically it is not positioned to send signals out further than 97.1 if only it was 100KW.
    Both 92.9 and 92.5 were country in Florence for a long time. 92.9 still is. That dominates that frequency still in most of SC east of I-77 and I-20. 92.5 (from Manning) could be heard clearly in Florence and Charleston before they moved into the Charleston market about 15 years ago.

    The Charleston FMs have good ranges well down into GA even on a pretty normal day in the summer. You can hear most of the big ones as far as Brunswick during the summer. Vice versa with the Savannah FMs in Charleston. 97.3, 95.5 and 96.5 (the three biggest signals from Savannah) come in sometimes even during the winter.

    A few years back I was listening on a Walkman and 106.7 was in all the way to Thomson (30 miles from Augusta).

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