Radio coverage of 9/11
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Thread: Radio coverage of 9/11

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    Radio coverage of 9/11

    I read on Wikipedia that 9/11 radio coverage remained on all NYC radio stations (including music ones) through the end of the month. Is this actually true? I doubt it. When did the music and spoken word stations return to their normal programming? Were programming decisions altered (i.e. Songs like "I Wanna Be Bad", "Smooth Criminal", etc. dropped temporarily or permanently, "Hero" and patriotic songs dramatically increasing in airplay, etc.)?

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    I am in the same boat with you I doubt it would have lasted through the rest of the month, maybe at best is a week. But you also have to keep in mind that Wikipedia is a public forum website, where anybody could go and publish anything, without anybody checking to be sure the information posted is true.

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    yeah, Wikipedia can be edited to have incorrect info sometimes. and i'm sure the only radio stations that kept covering the aftermath of 9/11 from September 18 to the 30th were the news talk and all news stations like WABC, 1010 WINS, WCBS and a couple of other news station.

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