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Thread: Switch Jobs, Lose All Your Data. Beware!

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    Switch Jobs, Lose All Your Data. Beware!

    An acquaintance of mine recently left his job in sales for a mid-sized cluster.
    He was sitting at his desk at his new job the Monday after the Friday when he left,
    when his iPhone prompted him to take an update.

    He did. The phone rebooted. When it came back up it had been completely wiped of all
    data and put back to its original factory settings!

    In addition to email, contacts, chat discussions, and other items, this wiped out over
    1000 photographs from the first three years of his child's life.

    Incensed, he went to the Apple Store, where one of the Apple Geniuses diagnosed his problem.

    "Your former employer has wiped the phone. We see this all the time."

    He contacted a couple of ex-colleagues back at the cluster, who were not surprised.
    "Oh, yeah. They do that to everybody who leaves. When you came onboard you signed an
    Electronic Communications Policy that gives them the right to do this if you leave."

    He was also told that this practice is VERY widespread in the radio business.

    Apparently if you set up your work email on the phone through Microsoft Exchange there are ways for the admin to go in and remotely wipe your phone. I can understand them not wanting you to walk away with proprietary company data....but did they have to trash all of his baby pictures?

    Be forewarned, and regularly backup your data onto some platform that is NOT connected to Microsoft Exchange. And speak with an Apple Genius about pre-empting any remote wiping attempts BEFORE you resign from your radio sales job.

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    It's called iCloud backups. Or iTunes. Very useful in keeping your iPhone data. Dropbox is another app which is also available on Android.

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    I think your ex-employer can still access and wipe data you have stored on iCloud.

    It needs to be backed-up on some other drive not connected to the same Apple account.

    In hindsight I realize this is why Huma Abedin backed-up all that stuff onto Anthony Weiner's computer. Trying to protect it from being remotely wiped.
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