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Thread: Wurd is now on 96.1

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    Believe it or not today, the 96.1 signal carried to Lakehurst, this is really strange. That is how far I went, I bet it went even further. How could a station that has been around for years on 107.3 (WRDV), have such a weak signal and this new kid on the block barge on the scene, with a monster signal???

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    Clear signal in my area around Haddonfield. Poor audio, probably from an internet stream. But it's loud and clear at least. Good to hear WURD on FM. Enjoy their station a lot!
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    I honestly don't think we're the audiance their interested in, lmfaorotfl....

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    Quote Originally Posted by atthestars View Post
    According to the Radio-Locator map, their main signal contour reaches Juniata to Grays Ferry. Puts a great signal over much of the population of the city, outside of extreme West Philly, and portions of North Philly.
    I'm in North Philly, near Temple University's Main Campus, and I get the signal perfectly fine. What parts of NP are having issues?

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    Was in the Medford/Marlton area today, like every Wednesday, noticed now their signal is very weak, cat country is over riding them until the cherry hill area where it was listenable. I think this is their correct pattern and coverage, the previous weeks they might of been utilizing too much power. They are at about the same strength as 98.5 and 106.5. But time will tell if they reach out further once again. On another note, how can 1 watt at 88.1 get out so far, about an 8 mile radius lmao.

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