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Thread: why Does Morse code get played on the radio at 1:30?

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    Quote Originally Posted by landtuna View Post
    I'll take a crack at the question. I'm an old navy radioman and one of the last generation who learned 'code'. I haven't used it very much in the 50 years since I got out but can still copy at about 10-12 WPM.

    The reason they are broadcasting code is to give the location where Sonic is giving away free milk shakes to old, retired radio geezers who tend to honk their car horns at each other in code. Drives the wives crazy.
    Field of Dreams for radiomen.

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    In the middle of the night there have been occasions where DXer's have been able to convince a station to run a DX test. Morse cuts through the audio clutter better so it is sometimes used in a DX test.

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    Or maybe KDKA is just trying out another replacement for Overnight America?

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    I know there's a radio station I can get the Morse code on FM.

    88.1 WDPR from Dayton. This is one of the moderately good radio stations with the reception near My home town.

    There's a local station in 88.3 that will interfere with WDPR, I think that's creating the Morse Code effect.

    In 88.1 There is WDPR really fringely weak and the interference of 88.3 WAIF, And then the Morse Code will be in the 88.1 FM channel.

    On AM. I don't know the morse code exists on that mode.

    So, I think it's interference from a fringely weak radio station and a strong radio station near that can create the Morse Code.

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    May be hearing a translator ID. Most translators use FSK (frequency shift key) once an hour for legal ID requirements. You normally won't hear it during normal programming, but having a nearby FM creating interference may make it more noticeable.


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