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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    As for Kuhner columns, a couple local conservative publications (at some coffee shops etc), The Valley Patriot and The Boston Broadside have done some transcriptions of Kuhner, Howie, and Ed Lambert of WXTK. I think I saw one box of the free Broadside and there was a sign showing Kuhner, promoting the paper. [...] It has been mentioned shows like Sandy Shack don't really feature calls.
    Yeah, K000nah was promoting the Broadside on his show periodically. I cannot remember when I last heard him mention it. Perhaps he had a few "columns" as part of them purchasing advertising on his show. The last time I heard K00nah mention a column, it wasn't in the broadside, it was on some other "conservative" web site (cannot remember which, wasn't really paying attention TBH, I tune him out when he starts blabbing about his 'columns' getting censored, need promoted (e.g. "share with your friends on facebook" blah blah)).

    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    What happens when there's a radio or TV talk show which expects phone calls and gets none?Here's an old Saturday Night Live sketch where Buck Henry runs into that problem.
    lol I'm dating myself when I say I actually remember seeing that skit "live"

    Isn't that principally why those shows have a prominent "co-host", so they can banter back and forth on topics?

    People are always b*chin about K00nah (and Howie) having huge wait times, both of them do tend to bloviate quite a bit.

    No calls though? That might be a tough one, since K000nah's "show prep" seems to be going to drudge at 11:59am.

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    When kuhner first came to Boston he was only on for an hour (eleven to noon) and he was absolutely riveting. When they finally got rid of Todd and mcscreamer RKO put kuhner in their place for three hours - six to nine - then The Financial Exchange from nine to eleven and then the fourth hour of kuhner from eleven to noon. He was pretty decent in the morning slot and eventually the hours all fell into place - kuhner 6-10 and TFE from 10 to noon. After awhile kuhner started getting stupid, crazy voices, hysteria, drama etc and then Cooksey left......on kuhner's very last day in the morning drive slot he told his audience that he hadn't been giving them his 100% and blamed it on his kids, he PROMISED his audience that once he started in the noon to three slot he would give them 100%, he PROMISED his audience 100%. I listened for about 2 months and found everyday getting more and more ridiculous, more and more hysteria, more and more drama, more stupid voices, more chest pounding about how he got Justina freed and how he got Beverly Scott fired from the MBTA, none of which is true. It's very difficult to believe his ratings are three times more than what Rush had when he was in that time slot, very difficult to believe.

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    I can believe it. He's comparing the station's ratings for that time period (12-3).

    Kuhner is, at least, local talk. Rush is national. And, TBH, Rush gets old rather quickly. I used to listen to Rush regularly, now, I never turn him on.

    Consider where Rush is today... WKOX, which appears to have a daytime broadcast pattern akin to WMEX. Compare that to RKO, which covers a much greater area.

    If Rush were getting ratings in Boston, RKO wouldn't have dumped him.

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    I Kid you not Kuhner actually said on the air that he told both Trump and Cruz that he had no interest in joining their administration. He was happy where he was on the Great WRKO.

    I went to everyone of his rallies. The first one drew a decent crowd due to all the publicity surrounding the Pelletier case, It was not close to the 10,000 people he claimed. The rest were pathetic. The only media that actually covered the last one about the Iran deal was BU's John Carroll who wrote on his blog that Kuhners producer Britsky aka Brittney Jennings must be a fly because the crowd she estimated in the thousands was more like 150.

    Here is a link to Carrolls blog about Kuhner

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    Quote Originally Posted by john garrett View Post
    I Kid you not Kuhner actually said on the air that he told both Trump and Cruz that he had no interest in joining their administration.
    Makes you wonder if he actually believes what he says (which says what about the state of his mental health?), or if he's just saying it for his audience (who, if they believe it, says what for their mental health?)

    You're a better man that I. I could be bothered to waste my time attending one of Krazy K00000nah's "rallies".

    I haven't heard any local republicans on k000nah's show (diehl, o'connell, etc.) in quite some time. maybe they've unhitched their wagon from his train?

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