WINS ranked 2nd in Morning Drive among 12-17-year-olds!
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Thread: WINS ranked 2nd in Morning Drive among 12-17-year-olds!

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    WINS ranked 2nd in Morning Drive among 12-17-year-olds!

    OK, that's not the headline, but lookie here:

    Inside Radio: New Yorks WINS Turns 52 With Ratings Worth Celebrating.

    I say kudos to WINS for staying true to its charter as an ALL News station.

    I'm in an area where the WCBS-AM signal is far stronger, but in recent years when I want news I go to WINS, not WCBS, for two important reasons:

    1. I know exactly what to expect when I tune in WINS - NEWS, 24/7 - Not TV audio, not sporting events, not infomercials. "All News All the Time" is more than just a slogan at WINS.

    These ratings support my belief that most news/talk stations are shooting themselves in the foot by not recognizing the importance of "off" hours - nights and weekends. Imagine going to Facebook (or your favorite internet site) only to find the content replaced by paid ads "because it's the weekend!" Isn't there a lesson to be learned by broadcast radio here?

    Yes, keeping a radio station on course on the weekends is costly compared to an internet site, but chalk it up to self-promotion. If you keep your listeners tuned in and engaged on the weekends, you'll more likely find them still there on Monday morning. Plus, you can do a lot of weekday show promotion on the weekends. Trust in the promotional value of your own station!

    2. Less obvious but important to me is that WCBS's audio sounds like crap. It's way over-compressed and the IBOC hash is awful (I assume that's still turned on but I haven't checked lately because WINS is the only news station I need.)

    Way to go WINS!! Congratulations on 52 years and the great ratings. Keep up the good work!

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    Yes WINS and WCBS are the only AM HDs remaining in NYC.

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    When the HD kicks in both stations sound great.Also on 101.1HD2 and 102.7 HD3. Down in Phi!ly the HD of KYW is in stereo.

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