March 2017 Boston Radio Ratings.
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Thread: March 2017 Boston Radio Ratings.

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    March 2017 Boston Radio Ratings.

    #1 WROR goes higher !

    WZLX breaks into the top 5. When have they been there before ?

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    Maybe, since he retired, Wally Brine is travelling around spreading the WROR love. Four months later, it's still the Loren & Wally morning show but without Wally.

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    Nice to see WCRB faring (relatively) well.

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    Chad Finn brings up something interesting.
    Now, a very necessary elaboration: The Sports Hub finished ahead of WEEI in all four day parts in Boston, but in a certain way these numbers are actually weighted toward WEEI.

    How is that? Because WEEIís share includes its streaming number, while The Sports Hubís doesnít.

    Thereís nothing dubious or deceptive about this. Itís a matter of WEEI and The Sports Hub using different but equally authentic methods of measuring its streaming audience.

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