Bucs move to 98 Rock!
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Thread: Bucs move to 98 Rock!

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    Bucs move to 98 Rock!


    "move the broadcast of the games from Country WFUS (US103.5)/TAMPA to sister Active Rock WXTB (98ROCK), while Sports WDAE-A will air weekly coach and player shows"

    so slow around here lately.

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    Dum question of the day. Why have a sports station that does not carry the sports? If I want to hear music, I'll listen to the music station. If I want to hear sports, I'll put on the sports station. Does this mean that during the bucks games WDAE will be playing rock music? I'm sure that those who listen to WXTB who don't like the bucks are just tickled pink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankF View Post
    Dum question of the day. Why have a sports station that does not carry the sports?
    Because it's a POS AM station with the lowest ratings in town. I'm sure the Bucs said a big Hell No to that. They wanted a comparable facility to WFUS, and they determined that alternative rock was a good place to put it. There are several other alternative rockers around the country that carry NFL play by play.

    Here's the good news: Be happy that didn't flip the station to all sports, simulcasting the AM. Although they might at some point.

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    I believe every NFL team has an FM broadcast of their play-by-play. Often those are music stations.

    It turns out that the Bucs will be the only station in the NFC south that isn't on a talk station, though.
    Falcons - 92.9 Sports Talk
    Panthers - 99.3/1110 News/Talk
    New Orleans - 105.3/860 News/Talk

    On the other hand, the AFC South has several music stations:
    Titans - 104.5 Sports Talk
    Jaguars - 99.9 Country
    Colts - 97.1 Country
    Texans - 100.3 Country
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    Quote Originally Posted by PTBoardOp94 View Post

    Jaguars - 99.9 Country
    Colts - 97.1 Country
    Texans - 100.3 Country
    You make a good point that there are several country stations carrying the NFL. There is a strong connection between country music and the NFL. Luke Bryan sang the anthem at the Super Bowl this year. Lots of country stars do shows in NFL stadiums. Who was that partying with the Kraft family when the Patriots won? Kenny Chesney.

    I guess the reason iHeart moved the Bucs off the country station was the team was bringing down their weekend numbers.

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    I wonder what Gene Deckerhoff thinks about this? Perhaps he said "They went right up the gut".

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    The Bucs have been on FM for over thirty years. They were on Q-105 and then WQYK before WFUS. I thought, each time was an FM simulcast for the game carried on an AM counterpart.

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