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    Hi Larry, The tone I'm hearing may be on my cell phone? I'm an old man and I don't rely on cell phones all that much. (Emergencies only, especially when my phone and Internet goes out and I have to call repair service which wastes most of my monthly 100 minute allowance.)

    When I am listening to my analog radio I am near my computer. I heard the noise one time on that thing and that is all.

    When I was watching that speech I was watching in my living room, but I did not have any of my other electronics turned on.

    As for hearing the subaudible tones on Laura Ingram's show it is rare I get up early enough to listen in during the radio broadcast. I subscribe to the podcast, but the tones would not be heard therein.

    Thanks for writing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike847 View Post
    Ever since the January 2017 Trump's Joint Session of Congress address I've been hearing an annoying noise on satellite delivered audio.

    I heard this during the above mentioned broadcast and the recent NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

    It's a two note (high and low) electronic noise that comes up during pauses of speech/commentary/play by play. (I also just heard it as a local sound bite during a local newscast.)

    Is this a new sound that cannot be corrected with all of the wonderful technology we have today?

    I am not an engineer, but a former employee in radio, so this noise is not in my field of expertise.

    Is there anyone that knows what this is, and why it has appeared in this day and age? It seems like technology has taken a giant step backwards.

    I think what you are hearing is the Nielsen PPM encoding. Since they released a software update a little over a year ago, it is very noticeable during crowd/ambient noise that you would hear during play by play/speech/etc. Even worse so if the station has a Voltair.

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    Hi, Thanks for the input. Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry the radio guy View Post
    ...Starting a year or so ago I noticed a metallic sound mostly on speech on several stations in South Florida. WIOD 610 in Miami was the first I noticed it on. It was sort of like listening to voice being heard through a metal pipe, just a very slight metallic echo. I figured it was an artifact from using a internet STL. I have now noticed it on 820 AM and 102.5 FM out of Tampa. It isn't noticeable on music just voice material like in a spot or the host talking. Anyone else heard this?
    Like radi0 said, you are hearing PPM encoding (that used to be inaudible) now made very audible thanks to Telos Voltair boxes that almost every major station now has (93.1 and 105.1 in South FL do not have Voltairs as of this post). I like how you described the noise as metallic sounding audio as if listening through a metal pipe. That's exactly how I first described it once I learned how to hear it. Now it is impossible for me not to hear it. If you want to hear extremely loud PPM, take a listen to 97.9 WRMF. I think this stuff is ruining radio.

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