WCBS-AM and WBBR traffic reports
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Thread: WCBS-AM and WBBR traffic reports

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    WCBS-AM and WBBR traffic reports

    I miss the bridge and tunnel updates on the 3's on 880, in particular the announcer's herald "the [sponsor's name] bridge and tunnel update!", right out of the blue. Did they get too cumbersome, being that another, fuller report would be coming in just 4 minutes?

    I also miss the old traffic sounder on 1130.



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    I stand corrected re WCBS. I heard the b&t update at 8:43 this morning.


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    880 to my knowledge never does a separate b&t update during its broadcast. they do traffic and weather together on the 8's and have for as long as i can remember. they are one of the last stations to have a traffic reporter in a chopper (tom kaminski, when the weather holds). now 1010 does a b&t segment during its traffic report, where the reporter will announce "checking the bridges and tunnels..." and then rattle off a bunch of tri-state crossings.

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