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    The closest FM, "NewsMan" we last had, I believe, was J.D. Nelson. He was with Gary Bryan on Oldies 99.7 KFRC

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    Hi Michael,

    After Bishop, were the mean streets of San Luis Obispo intimidating for you?
    Ha! Actually, it was kind of like going home. I was born in L.A. and lived there for the first nine and a half years of my life. We moved there to be with family (who'd been in Bishop since 1940) when my dad died. I knew Bishop---had been going there several times a year since birth---but it was a BIG culture shock to actually live there.

    So going to San Luis Obispo eight and a half years after that---rolling green hills (I arrived in February), oak and palm trees, the beach a 15-minute drive away (either Avila Beach or Morro Bay)---was just plain wonderful.

    I didn't stay long. A friend in Bishop called me six months later to tell me he had the construction permit for a new FM and asked if I'd like to (literally) help him build it. But I've often wondered, if I hadn't gotten that call, if I'd have ever left. It's a wonderful place. Although, with experience, I've found that I prefer Monterey-Carmel.

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