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    A DMA is a purely Television market definition, based significantly on cable carriage and penetration. It is not based on the coverage of the over the air signal of TV stations, and has nothing to do with radio.
    This is true and I should've clarified the ad agencies consider the county to be part of the Dallas radio market as well.

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    Wouldn't Fannin, as far as radio go, be a county in the ADI of Dallas/Fort Worth's Radio Market? When I worked sales in Del Rio about 25 years ago, we managed to get a few dollars in advertising as Val Verde County (Del Rio's county) was on the outer edge of the San Antonio ADI.

    Today I'd suspect there's zero dollars for the ADI unless client directed and therefore ADI might be a very insignificant term today outside the conference room of the advertising agency where meetings speak the penetration in to all these counties via major city media that justifies spending zero dollars on outer county media.

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    I can confirm Fannin gets zero agency buys anymore, if they ever did. There is only one radio station there so it probably doesn't really matter except whenever a barter agreement is attempted.

    Fannin is an odd case since they are in between 3 different markets, they have more in common with the Sherman-Durant market but are on the Paris EAS zone and get Dallas TV. However, if you are on the cable service you will get the Sherman CBS station but Dallas CBS on satellite. (Not to mention the Paris FM stations aren't all that easily received either.) If anything they should be in the Sherman Market, which I believe is a sub-market of Dallas as well.

    I was told, as far as radio is concerned (and TV too), it all changed with 121 which made the area Dallas influenced. Apparently at some point they elected to be in the Dallas TV market but we're getting pretty far off topic!
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