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Thread: February 2017 Boston Radio Ratings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wimmmex View Post
    Online radio message boards have been (from day one) filled with BOTH radio professionals and radio listeners, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

    There has always been tensions between the pros who understand radio as a business and a career....and listeners who simply know what they like.

    Quite often we see the Pro's responding in a condescending manner to listeners who post with a "You just don't know what you are talking about" response.

    Listeners who post here are welcome to post about radio they feel passionately about.

    And the Pro's have to accept that, and not expect listeners to understand spot rates, TSL, budgets, etc.

    Listeners only know what they like and feel passionately about....and that's fine. That's their role in these discussions.

    On behalf of all of us "radio listeners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts" who post here, thank you for making us feel we can indeed participate in these interesting "radio discussions". You are a decent human being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    Proper writing makes your points more clear. Using incomplete words, like "an" instead of "and", employing unconventional meanings and not putting thoughts into complete sentences, divided into concise paragraphs focuses the reader on your mistakes, not on your ideas. To be taken seriously, you should be considering the old slogan of McCann-Erickson: "The truth well told".

    I believe this holds true whether one is an insider who works or has worked in the radio business, or for us who are "radio listeners, hobbyists, (or) enthusiasts".

    Before hitting "Post Reply", please take time to read what you just typed.

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    US Rep. Mike Capuano was on B87.7FM today. So looks like the status of the station is not under question.

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