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Back when 100.3 was KIQQ (early 1980s), their antenna was in a different location: the tower above Beverly Hills. That would have given them an almost straight shot toward Bakersfield.
But the Mulholland Drive site I believe they were at was only at about 1600 feet AMSL, while the path to Bakersfield rises to over 4000 feet in the Tejón Pass region. Even much of Santa Clarita and Valencia are at higher elevations, making a wall towards the northeast. Mt Wilson is much higher, with most of the sites being at around 6000 feet AMSL. The only issue on Mt Wilson is low angle blockage by the rest of the mountains in the range. Many of the Wilson stations get into the Lancaster/Palmdale area, so Bakersfield is reachable.

KBIG, on Wilson, puts a 60 dbu into a big chunk of southeastern Kern County, while KYSR, still at the Mulholland site, does not come close. So way back when, it's more likely that the more open band was the reason 100.3 got as far as it did.