Best NBA radio announcer of all time
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Thread: Best NBA radio announcer of all time

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    Best NBA radio announcer of all time

    As we get closer to the NBA playoffs, thought this one would be a good debate. Who was and/or is the best radio NBA broadcaster?

    Here is my list:

    1. Chick Hearn (LA Lakers)
    2. Kevin Calabro (Seattle Sonics)
    3. Marv Albert (NY Knicks)
    4. Johnny Most (Boston Celtics)
    5. Bill Schonely (Portland Blazers)
    6. Bill King (Golden State Warriors)

    Add yours...

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    Chick Hearn. Hands down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hm insulators View Post
    Chick Hearn. Hands down.
    He's definitely #1, but I'd also add Jim Durham (Chicago Bulls) and Al McCoy (Phoenix Suns) to my NBA Announcers Hall of Fame.
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    Chick Hearn. Are there any questions?
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    I won't argue with anybody who says Chick Hearn, but living in Ohio my exposure to him was extremely limited. Jim Durham, Marv Albert and Joe Tait are among my all-time favorites.
    Still being in Ohio, we are also graced with two of the worst NBA voices in the Cavaliers TV team of Fred McLeod and Austin Carr.

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