Language on TFT EAS 911 Endec

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Thread: Language on TFT EAS 911 Endec

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    Language on TFT EAS 911 Endec

    Anyone know how to change the language on this device?? I got a used unit off eBay....and it prints in SPANISH!!
    I can't find anything on this in the TFT manual....
    Is it set up in the EPROM(S)?? There's no menu selection for "changing language"...
    Ummm...English would be nice, thank you!!!
    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    What software rev is it?? I think the language is set in the EPROMs..I have several with English...could make a copy of the EPROMs for you...

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    Found out the language IS set in EPROMs...
    C.W. --- Thanks for the offer....but I was more curious than concerned....the 911 unit with the Spanish EPROMs was purchased for parts only, not as a fully operational device...

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